An end to end business application providing exceptional functionality in Sales Warehouse Stock control and Marketing for SME's using the SAGE Line 50 Accounting System

Why @spire

Fully integrated with the SAGE Line 50 accounting system @spire provides full integration with your SAGE customers, products and invoice history. By providing a wide range of processing and analytical functionality, @spire allows you to leverage your accounting data into a system focused on growth and profitability.

The @spire synchronization utility runs seamlessly on your Server as a Windows Service to ensure constant operation, effectively providing you with real-time integration.


Customers & Prospects
  • Showing each Customer’s purchasing history and a wide range of mission critical data including predictive ordering order gap history compliance and executive responsibility allocation.
Credit Control
  • Displaying credit control information in a way that provides alerts to your Sales Team thereby integrating your sales and credit control efforts.
Sales & Transactions
  • Process your sales orders online allowing mobility in your sales force.
Sales Orders
  • Create a complete order bank allowing you a full order audit trail for all your processed orders.
Sales Pipeline and Forecasting
  • Produce your sales pipeline and funnel forecasts from data held in your prospects and sales funnel assumptions, including flexing your forecasts into best case worst case and expected case.
Business Intelligence
  • Profile your customers by producing aggregate quantitative measures - by sales both monetary value and volume, gross profitability, order frequency and credit control history - to allow you to make balanced sales and pricing decisions from a single unified value measurement.
Notes & Reminders
  • The ability to add notes both permanent or temporary to a Customer, Product, Prospect or Quotation record allowing for efficient data management across the full range of sales lead to order completion.
Profit Master
  • Identify how and where to improve customer returns – set minimum prices intelligently to raise margins - divert incoming customer calls direct to the right person (especially your credit control when appropriate).

About @spire

As a successful SAGE Line 50 User, you will be interested in a new product that is shortly to come to market. @spire – developed by the Online Group London – is a Cloud based SaaS CRM and BI Analytics package for use by users of Cloud enabled Sage Line 50 Accounting system 2015. We can also provide the system to Users of versions from 2012 and upward.

The group has successfully developed the system for a use by one of its subsidiaries and it has been in operational use for over two years and is proven, having processed over 23,000 sales orders with an aggregate value of £ 10 m.

Find Out More

To find out more and to see the application in action please click on this link to our demonstration site.

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To see a live demonstration of how @spire interacts with SAGE, please contact us, a representative will call you soon.

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